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Spiritual Jewellery Part 2 – Angel Jewellery



Last week we looked at a variety of spiritual jewellery in the Sphere of Life jewellery range.

Today we’re devoting our post to Angel jewellery.

Sphere of Life has always created its jewellery designs to reflect themes that capture the heart and imagination of the brand’s fans – this is why several pieces are devoted to the Angel theme.

Angels have had a deep spiritual and sentimental meaning since biblical times. Perceived as god’s messengers on earth, they represent kindness and protection from above. Some angels are healers, while others are sent down to show us the way through troubled times.

Being spiritual beings, angels sometimes represent the good and watchful spirits of the dead, guiding us through life in this world.

Sphere of Life offers a variety of angel jewellery. Most loved by our fans (and some fashion bloggers) are the Angel necklaces, with the all-time favourite being Angel in my Heart – a lovely heart-shaped creation from the Sphere of Love collection. This necklace is a wonderful keepsake to keep someone special close to your heart.

A brilliant option for kids and young adults, as well as ladies who like dainty jewellery, is the Guardian Angel necklace, in the Cute collection. This simple, pure-white necklace would make a lovely Christmas or Christening gift.

The Guardian Angel necklace has a matching clip-on charm, which you can fit on your Sphere of Life charm bracelet or several other charm bracelets.

And if you’re looking for a gift of love, My Cupid (dedicated to the angel of love) is your perfect choice.

The latest addition to our angel jewellery designs is the My Angel Mosaic icon. This angelic icon will look gorgeous on your Mosaic bracelet, and will remind you there is someone out there watching over you.

We hear there will soon be another angel necklace to join the Sphere of Life range. Watch this space, angel-lovers!

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