What is your Birthstone?

A Birthstone pendant is often the perfect gift for someone special, a loving family member or a close friend. They make a personal present holding mythical meanings.

The traditional astrological concept of birthstone gems is one that dates back to the Bible. Most commonly in the Western world these days a birthstone represents a month of the Gregorian calendar, symbolising the 12 months of the year.






In the East there are other interpretations of birthstones that don't relate to the biblical breastplate, mostly Mythical Birthstones, which are of Tibetan origin and goes back well over one thousand years. People tended to wear their own birthstone with the belief that the birthstone bestowed a unique set of mental and medical advantages.

Due to the significance of the birthstones and for the full effect, we found that some individuals collect and own all twelve and alternate them monthly!

Sphere of Life offer the complete range of 12 birthstone pendants, hand made with a natural stone nestled in a chic sterling silver cage.