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Peace Out: Spiritual Jewellery by Sphere of Life

  In this mad, fast-paced world, sometimes all we crave for is just a little peace and quiet. But it can feel like we've forgotten how to relax. Ancient cultures of East Asia had it all figured out. The Hindus and Buddhists had ideas of harmony between ourselves and the world, and the concept of Nirvana - [...]

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Necklaces to Get the Holiday Fun Started...

It's summer and as usual, it just won't stop raining. Are you one of the lucky ones heading off to sunnier climes? Or enjoying a "staycation" by the seaside at one of Britain's own beautiful holiday destinations? Sphere of Life loves summer, and created some gorgeous summery necklaces that are perfect for taking on holiday, or [...]

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National Treasure - Wear it Proud!

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations coming up this weekend, and the London Olympics this summer have created a whirl of Union Jack prints appearing everywhere - from T-Shirts to napkins, from buntings to tea-cups, we even spotted a Union Jack vintage throne, if anyone's interested! Sphere of Life has seen it all coming, and last year [...]

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Melting Moments - New Designs for Summer!

Summer is almost here and Sphere of Life has released a summery new design! Evoking the image of melting ice cream, Melting Moments is a delicious, colourful design, perfect for summer. The design's sweet name, Melting Moments, was the idea of Sheryl McAlpine, the winner of Sphere of Life's facebook naming competition. Following this year's hot trend [...]

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Wicked by Sphere of Life Glam - Naughty but Nice!

Wicked is without a doubt one of the cheekiest items in the Glam collection. It is the best expression of the funky style of the Glam collection. Wicked is an absolutely perfect gift for a young and bubbly person who knows not to take life too seriously. We would also imagine women buy the Wicked design [...]

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Glam Necklaces are Flying off the Shelves!

The Glam necklaces finally arrived last week and it seems you can't get enough of them! Here is a run down of the 3 best sellers in the collection so far: #1: One of a Kind No doubt this one is topping the charts because it is simply the perfect Christmas gift. What could be more Christmassy [...]

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Slight Delay in the Sphere of Life Glam Launch - Hang in there for just a bit longer!

Sphere of Life has announced there will be a slight delay of about 1 week in the launch of their fab new necklace collection - Sphere of Life Glam. To those of you who haven't heard of it yet (despite us not shutting up about it!) - Sphere of Life Glam is a collection of [...]

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Christmas Gift Idea #2: One of a Kind

This Christmas we are introducing a new collection from the new Sphere of Life brand – Sphere of Life Glam. The Glam collection is probably the most exciting collection launched by Sphere of Life so far. The designs in the collection are much larger than other Sphere of Life designs, yet they cost nearly half the [...]

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Christmas Gift Idea #1: Matching Jewellery

It is late October, and thoughts of Christmas presents are already inevitably infiltrating our minds. One of the hardest ones to shop for is Mum. Trying to avoid the tired clichés of perfumes, cooking accessories or – heaven forbid – a Christmas jumper, we keep looking for the perfect gift to be meaningful, affordable and [...]

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New Mystery Collection by Sphere of Life

Sphere of Life has released some hints about their new collection on their facebook page. It looks like the collection is made out of square tiles (square? Sphere of Life? We thought you didn't do corners!)  The tiles have various very cute designs of lovely shapes and colours - so far we've seen a clover, a [...]

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